Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Phone?

So, those who know me know that I'm not the kind of person to keep one phone very long. The longest amount of time I've ever kept a smartphone was 6 months. That seems to be my limit, around that point I start going nuts. I'm already decided on getting the Nexus 4 and hopefully that will hold me over until the next 6 months pass. But today's post isn't about me, it's about you dear reader. How long do you keep your phones? And why do you keep them for that length? The reason I upgrade every 6 months is because I love mobile technology and particularly having the newest and greatest phone. But I was recently in a discussion with a number of people who have very old phones, and not just old for the mobile industry but 2+ years. They've told me they have an upgrade waiting but just haven't felt the need to change. I initially tried to convert them over to the smartphone world, but they knew all that the newest smartphones were capable of. They had seen it all before they were just genuinely content with their phones. Some of them weren't very old in their 20's, and I eventually stopped trying to persuade them after seeing how happy they were with their phones. So tell me reader's do you upgrade every 2 years and sign a new contract? Are you absolutely against contracts and buy full retail? Do you upgrade whenever you want? Or are you like what seems to be the minority, who can upgrade but don't want to? Do you have an old phone with an upgrade waiting, but just haven't seen the need to upgrade? Do you plan on changing soon, or will you hold onto your current phone until it completely dies on you? Or are you waiting to see if you get a new phone for the Christmas? Comment below and let me know, I'm curious.

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